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From sea to sky and sand to snow, Kelowna offers something fun for everyone. Discover all the area has to offer through some of the activity services we have below. If you have any questions about our services please reach out here


A Taste Of The Okanagan

Beautiful vistas and enchanting vines await you

Wine Tours


Experience what has put Kelowna on the map-Its unparalleled and vast variety of locally made wine. With over 250 wineries in the Okanagan valley  utilizing grapes varieties from the northern tip of Germany to the Southern tip of Italy the Okanagan is  ranked as one of the best wine producing regions in the world .

Within the Kelowna area  there are six groups of wineries and we are fortunate enough to be centrally located.

Listed below are our  Wine Tour Options

  • Self Directed- there are detailed guides that contain information about products and location of al  wineries in the area.

  • Tour bus Operators- You can arrange a tour and they will pick you up and drop  you off.

  • We  can provide  a ride service

Kal Lake2.jpg

Cycling Around Kelowna

There's a path or trail for anyone!

Cycling Activities


Whether you are into road cycling, mountain biking or a leisurely family pedal, there is no better way to explore the varied regions of the Okanagan than on a bicycle. The tour routes can vary in length from 7-40km making them accessible to all types of cyclists of all ages. We specifically cater to seniors with bike trail rides that are entirely downhill. Our Bed and Breakfast is only 300 meters from the Okanagan Rail Trail. An afternoon of cycling is a great way to discover local attractions, and see historic sites like the Kettle Valley Railroad. 

Cycling Services

We offer the following services for cycling guests.

  • Secure bike storage for up to 10 bikes

  • Basic Repair Shop

  • Cleaning Station

  • Bike shuttle Service

It's a Prospector's life for me!

Babbling brooks, tall pines, and golden treasures await you. 

Gold Panning Adventure


Our beginner's trip that includes a half day with us, we bring you to easy to hike to or drive up locations
where we can teach you the basics of panning and gold prospecting.
Our Beginner trip starts at $149 CDN/3hrs or for up to 4 participants( paners )or $99 CDN /3 hours for 1 person.

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